We must strike this down  2016 Jones Family Reunion, this can not be the legacy we leave with our posterity.

That’s why today I’m speaking out and starting the “Stop The Movement”, movement. Show your support today and let the message be clear the there is no substitute for the happiness that  fatty and delicious foods provide. Not to mention Pepsi, (Dr. Pepper for Aunt Terry), how could you take that away and not expect an outburst of frustration and anger! Don’t make us work for the joy we can so simply receive by eating and drinking what we love.

May enchiladas, burritos (both breakfast and chile verde) , biscuts and gravy, steak, and soda ever be our stapple food source.

And let our mantra always be “Our Food, Eats Your Food, for Dinner”!


Look for more information about the support movement in the coming weeks.

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